Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Colorado State University - Lory Student Center

Schedule subject to change slightly as event planning progresses.


8:30 AM

Check-in will occur from 8:30am-9:20am on the third floor of the Lory Student Center, outside the main ballrooms.


9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

(10 minute transition)

Attendees will gather in the LSC main ballroom for a full group welcome presentations by:


10:10 AM - 10:55 AM

(5 minute transition)

Attendees can choose between five breakout session options listed in their program. Breakout sessions will be in the presentation rooms on the 3rd floor of the Lory Student Center.


11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Attendees can choose between five breakout session options listed in their program. Breakout sessions will be in the presentation rooms on the 3rd floor of the Lory Student Center.

LUNCH (Provided)

11:45 AM - 12:35 PM

(50 minute lunch and transition)

Lunch is provided. CSU undergraduate and graduate students will host table talks for interested summit attendees.


12:35 PM - 1:20 PM

(10 minute transition)

Attendees can choose between five breakout session options listed in their program. Breakout sessions will be in the presentation rooms on the 3rd floor of the Lory Student Center.


1:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Attendees will reconvene in the main ballroom for a final keynote, fun giveaways, and a farewell message from our student coordinators.


2:00 PM

To accommodate bussing, the summit will dismiss at 2pm. Optional tours of CSU and post-summit activities may be scheduled depending on attendee needs.

Check back for minor adjustments as the final schedule comes into focus.

Wildfires in the West

We will talk about the changes in air quality due to wildfires in the Western United States and how we can encourage more people to be "air quality aware".

The Economics of Climate Change

The field of economics provides key insights for understanding why climate change is such a difficult problem and what we will need to do to address it in a serious way. This lecture will introduce a few of these ideas in an introductory way.

Climate Justice and Climate Grief: A Primer and Discussion

Students will have an accessible background on environmental justice, climate justice, and the related global social movements led by youth. I would then like to also address climate grief and the need to focus on hopefulness at a time when Big Oil (and others) are trying to sow seeds of climate despair. Active Hope would be an approach I would plan to bring in and workshop students' experiences with climate grief as they intersect with collective action potential that inspires hope and paths forward for climate justice. 

Just Transitions to Climate Policy: Lessons from Colorado

The decarbonization transition necessary for effective climate policy will affect fossil fuel workers and communities around the world. The strategy of just transition has been proposed as a humane and equitable solution protecting those most affected and vulnerable while promoting climate justice and lessening opposition. This breakout session will explore the just transition strategy drawing upon Colorado's ongoing just transition policy. 

Fashion and Sustainability 

The session will help students understand individual and industry's impact on climate change related to the fashion industry. It will help students unpack some harsh realities of the fashion industry and how behavior changes can help reduce carbon footprint related to fashion overconsumption. 

Climate Intervention (Geoengineering) to Cool a Warming Planet. Can Science Fix Climate Change? Is It Ethical?

An overview of the latest evidence of climate change and its impacts, mitigation strategies, then primarily focus on solar climate intervention as a possible response option. 

The Glasgow Climate Pact

Descriptions of student work on the Glasgow climate pact and presentations at COP26

Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture 

A discussion of the impacts of our changing climate on our natural resources and food production 

Air Quality, Climate, and Public Health: The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Members of the Air Pollution Control Division will discuss considerations of air quality and climate change from the perspective of CDPHE. Air Quality Meteorologist Dan Welsh will describe concerns and factors affecting air quality and community/environmental health in Colorado. Air Quality Planner Megan McCarthy will provide insight from the Climate Change Unit at CDPHE.

Imagining Colorado's Climate Future

Students will work collaboratively to envision possible futures using structured methods. These methods will include the 3-horizons framework (3HF) and science fiction prototyping. Groups will imagine positive climate futures for themselves and their communities, and using the 3HF define the transitions that must unfold to transform our communities. Then, time permitting, we will develop a rapid outline for a story that students can use to consider and reflect about their own climate futures. 

Student Leadership Idea Exchange

Are you a leader in your school's environmental club? Are you active in community sustainability work? Meet with some of the student organizers of the Climate Leadership Summit to share ideas, network, and plan for the future.



The Climate Leadership Summit is a solution focused event designed by high school students for students in collaboration with CSU to provide and inspire other students who are interested in STEM, entrepreneurship, leadership, climate change, and environmental sustainability. The Climate Leadership Summit connects high school and college students from the Northern Colorado region with leaders in all facets of climate science. It brings students together with people, ideas and information that point to making a healthy, and more inspiring future.


Our aim is to translate environmental knowledge and concern into action that supports a new economy through all of our careers and activities in the future. The potential students hold for making changes in their own communities and the world is incredible. Our goal is to deliver a message of inspiration and hope.